First he shredded the TPP, now he's burning tepees. Just days into Trump's Presidency, the authorities  in North Dakota have moved to shut down an illegal camp blocking construction of a vital pipeline, on the pretext of protecting "Native American culture."

"Native American" (meaning Red Indian) is, of course, one the "sacred pieties" and pillars of what I call the "White Guilt Industrial Complex," a massive economic vested interest worth billions of dollars that is generated by making White people feel guilty about their history and relative affluence. 

It also impacts negatively on legitimate businesses, empowering extortionists and shake down artist to shut down projects until they are "bought off."

The protest camp at Standing Rock in North Dakota is a good example. Under the pretence of protecting "ancient holy sacred stones" or some such nonsense, a gang of Leftist hippies, with some rent-seeking Red Indians in tow, tried to hijack the Dakota Access Pipeline, an important infrastructure project, in a crude attempt to extort concessions and various bribes and payoffs. 

What makes this worse is that the project is aimed at helping to ensure America's energy independence, and thus bolstering World Peace.

Under Obama (or Hillary) these Leftist scum would have had the whip hand, and the police and construction company would have had to tip toe delicately around them, while workers stayed jobless. But now that Trump is in the White House, the boot is on the other foot, and that foot is kicking ass. 

With a President in the White House who supports energy independence and job creation for the skilled working class, the authorities in North Dakota finally got up the courage to remove the camp from the private land where it had been built. 

Make no mistake, these burning tepees stand as a warning that Trump's America, just like the old America of the Wild West, will not suffer leftist fools or "pesky Red Skins" gladly.  
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