The choice is coming, Europe, the choice between life and death. Both choices will be hard and difficult, as choosing life will require throwing off decades of Leftist brainwashing and making some hard and even cruel decisions, but that choice must be made.

The first step -- consciousness of the problem -- will be the easiest step, but after that things will get progressively more difficult. But the final rewards -- the continued collective life of our people in their own homelands -- will be worth it. 

Now it seems that Denmark is waking up to the reality of the grim choice facing all Whites everywhere, whether to allow the continuing slide to demographic destruction through Third World immigration, or to choose to remain the majority population in their own country.  Last week the Danish Parliament, the Folketing, actually voted on a resolution that Danes should not become a minority in any Danish community.

The text of the resolution is worth reproducing in full:
"Proposed 07-02-2017
The Parliament notes with concern that today there are areas in Denmark, where the proportion of immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries is over 50 per cent. The Folketing believes that Danes should not be a minority in neighborhoods in Denmark. 
The government and parliament have implemented a number of austerity measures that have limited asylum flows significantly, and which prevents parallel societies. 
Parliament calls on the government to proceed with a political objective to reduce the number of asylum seekers and the number of family reunification, coming to Denmark."
Even better, the resolution with its very clear and explicit language, pointing towards a true and healthy racial consciousness (note the use of the term "non-Western countries"), managed to win by 55 votes to 54 votes. 

Although the Party of Life won, it should also be noted that a "near majority" of 54 also voted for the Party of Death. Those 54 members, of course, should in the truest sense be considered traitors worthy of the very thing that they tried to vote for. 

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