Leftists want us to know that they are full of shit. 
It's OK, we already know.
Really, what happened to the Democrats? They were once a reasonably good party, protecting the small farmer, and collaborating with the KKK, when that was a good organization too, resisting the Northern Army of Occupation after the Civil War. Then it did its bit helping the industrial working classes improve their conditions in America's big cities. 

But those days are long gone. Now the Democrats are just the party of freaks and weirdos, scum who simply hate normal, healthy working people with families. They can't sell out their country fast enough to globalist interests. 

This is the true secret of Donald Trump's enormous success -- he is simply the re-embodiment of the Democratic Party because the so-called Democratic Party stopped being the Democratic Party. That is also why these fake Democrats hate Donald Trump so much. 

In particular, these "Leftist elitists," hate the fact that he connects with the working class, the group whose subservience they had counted on and taken for granted. But they also hate him for being much richer and more successful than any of them. That is no coincidence, as it was Trump's wealth and fame that enabled him to defy the evil two-party system and recreate in his own person the true Democrat spirit. Only by being so rich could he serve the people.

It is this combination of hatreds that explains the intensity of Leftist loathing for Trump, something which drives them to ever deeper depths of insanity, even to humiliating themselves in public.

Last weekend a group of anti-Trump demonstrators, driven insane by the madness of their hatred, gathered near Trump Tower in Chicago to expose their ugly rear ends to each other in freezing conditions. Some of them had even written childish slogans on their bottoms, thinking this was so cutting and edgy. 

The event had its own stupid hashtag #RumpageAgainstTrump and a crappy slogan, "Kiss our asses, release your taxes." 

Leftist humour is as stillborn as all the abortions they go through.
The Democrats once had purpose and campaigned for serious things, but now, while Trump is engaged in a vital battle to protect Liberty itself from the bloated deep state, these pathetic hate-filled morons make themselves into a disgusting public freakshow. 

"Release your taxes"? Is that the best hook they have to hang their hatred on -- a dead election campaign talking point that was already stale when Hillary first dredged it up to remind us that Trump was rich? We knew then and we didn't care.

Not only is the Democratic Party completely lacking in style and optics, it is also void of ideas. It is clearly engaged in a race with itself to the very bottom (excuse the pun).

Ass ass in nation attempt?

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