Trump-hating Speaker John Bercow

John Bercow is the Speaker of the UK Houses of Parliament, a supposedly neutral official whose role is to make sure that debate is conducted in a semi-civilized way. Naturally he is not supposed to express opinions of his own. Bercow, who is Jewish, is also the first speaker never to wear the traditional wig that used to be the badge of the ancient office. 

In another anti-traditional move, he also expressed his opinion that President Trump would not be welcome in the House of Commons, a completely inappropriate thing for a Speaker to say. This greatly embarrassed the UK Prime Minister Teresa May and has led to a campaign to remove Bercow that was recently endorsed by a Government Minister

Now it seems that Bercow has not even been impartial in his duties in the Chamber, and may have been influenced by "bribes" paid to him by Indian Labour MP Keith Vaz. 

The allegation comes from a story that briefly appeared (and then mysteriously disappeared) on the Daily Telegraph website. This pointed out that people connected to Vaz had "contributed" £40,000 to Bercow's two last general election campaigns, while, in return, Bercow had allowed Vaz to suggest topics for Ministers to debate.

The Speaker can't keep
order in his own house.
MPs can submit questions for Ministers to debate through the Speaker who then decides which ones are chosen. Since 2009 Vaz has been allowed nine times to force Ministers to debate topics of his choosing, which is almost twice the amount of the next highest MP. 

In short, there is a clear pattern of Bercow giving the floor of the House of Commons to topics chosen by Vaz, with an apparent link of money going from associates of Vaz directly to Bercow. 

Why the Daily Telegraph suddenly decided to kill this fascinating story remains to be seen.

A psychologist might speculate that Bercow's desire to be seen as more important than he is by insulting President Trump, may stem from the fact that he has been literally cucked by his wife. In 2015 it was revealed that Bercow's blonde wife Sally, who is also much taller than him, had been sleeping with Bercow's 57-year-old bald cousin.

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