Dilemma for De Lima.

To clean out a sewer you need  a pretty strong hose. The Philippines, a prime destination for sex tourism and drug abuse, is currently undergoing something of a spiritual and moral rebirth under its great president Rodrigo Duterte.

Since becoming President last year, Duterte has been fighting a tireless campaign against drug gangs and corrupt politicians because, frankly, the Philippine people deserve better. 

Duterte's latest opponent is Senator Leila de Lima, who the lugenpresse in the West is attempting to present as a "political prisoner" after the politician from the corrupt Liberal Party was arrested by Philippine police on charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, aiding and abetting the drug trade, and extorting money from prison inmates. 

Alt-Right News has no special inside knowledge of this particular case, but just on a question of trust, we are happy to take President Duterte's side because De Lima just looks like the sort of well-connected scumbag who would do all the things she is accused of.

What Maoists actually do.
First of all, she is hand-in-glove with actual Maoists, yes the same monsters responsible for killing at least 50 million innocent people. Lima's aunt, Julie is married to Jose Maria Sison the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Commies of course know that the only route to power for scum like them is entryism into more soft-and-centrist-sounding parties like the Philippine Liberal Party, so you can be sure they are there, like termites in a dilapidated house or fleas on a dog.

Secondly, De Lima was the head of the failing Philippine Department of Justice, when the country was going down the toilet, before Duterte was elected President. This would have placed her in a great position to turn a blind eye, take plenty of kick-backs from drug gangs, and do the other crimes she is accused of. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, I'll wait and see. But the fact that she oversaw a sharp rise in drug crime is definitely a mark against her.

Thirdly, despite being a 57-year-old mother who looks like a steamed dumpling, she appears to be sex-mad, carrying on a torrid relationship with her driver, Ronnie Dayan, who is charged with having links to drug gangs. This sex scandal has been all over the Philippines social media for months and there are even sex tapes if you are brave enough to search for them.

Of course, love should have no barriers, but when you're shagging your driver on the sly and he's connected to drug gangs, and you're a Senator, then there is clearly something wrong with the picture.

De Lima has also been at the forefront of criticism of Duterte's war against drugs, denouncing it as "inhumane" and against "human rights," and blaming Duterte for vigilante attacks. This is the main reason that Liberals in the West are bleating about this case. That and she's a woman, of course. 

To me that just looks like more evidence against her. In a country where courts and politicians have been routinely bought by drug money, bypassing the usual legal methods seems at least partially justified, especially if it produces results. This is what I mean by using a strong hose.

But Duterte clearly has damning evidence of his own against De Lima, citing wiretaps and ATM records that point to De Lima and Dayan channeling drug money. The wiretaps appear to be from a foreign power, possibly Russia or China, which would suggest that De Lima was also seen as a stooge for other powers, like the USA. Despite Trump being President, US intelligence services are still largely in the hands of Clinton, Bush, and Obama appointees.

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