Show me on this doll where the Jewish lobby touched you.
When Tom Perez (non-White candidate #1) won the vote to be the new Democratic Party leader at the DNC vote on the weekend, there was an immediate attempt to put on a "show of unity." Perez immediately chose his defeated rival Keith Ellison (non-White candidate #1) as his deputy.

But shows of unity usually mean one thing -- deep divisions under the surface. 

It seems that a lot of Ellison's supporters are extremely unhappy with the way in which their man was defeated. This echoes the defeat of Bernie Sanders last year by Hillary Clinton in the Presidential primaries, not least because Ellison's base is the same as that of Sanders, while Perez was clearly the establishment candidate.

Ellison had been the clear favourite to win the election until a few days before, when a series of attacks by prominent Jewish figures were launched against him.

Israel's Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, speaking at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations on Monday (20th Feb), said:
I am concerned about...decreasing support for Israel in the Democratic Party. I almost didn’t sleep at night after I saw a poll two weeks ago."
Then on Friday (24th Feb), Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz published an op-ed at The Hill saying he would leave the Democratic Party if Ellison won. A letter was also sent to DNC members saying that Ellison had a history of “unfairly demonizing” Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Alan Deshowitz
One of the delegates at the DNC vote Jean Ross of National Nurses United, when asked about the smears against Ellison said:
Oh, absolutely it hurt him — it’s what they used against him. Certainly, many states’ voters heard rumors about him being anti-Semitic, even though he was solidly endorsed by the Jewish community."
Fellow nurse Martese Chism from Chicago chimed in:
They claim they're an inclusive party, but then they drop a Muslim and everyone backs off."
Although the Democrats work hard to boost any non-White candidate, including Muslims like Ellison, Jewish interests and sensitivities are paramount. This is because at least half of the Party's donations come from Jewish donors. Any murmurs or whispers of discontent -- or even unexplained silences -- from this group are therefore taken very seriously.

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  1. Conservative Tree House had it figured out a week ago. Basically the fabricated fuss about alleged Trump anti-semitism was set up to take out Ellison:

    Team Clinton are exponentially more shrewd than most give them credit for. Even Machiavelli couldn’t keep up with their schemes. With the DNC election coming up, the professionally Democrat know how to plant the most toxic seeds at just the right moment. This is their play toward that end result, nothing more.

    By setting up a national dialogue of rising anti-Semitic activity, the Perez political coalition (Team Clinton) can turn to the target audience (DNC voters) and say: do you really want to make our party take this dangerous path…. etc. etc.
    The brilliance of Team Clinton is always distractive politics…. They use their corporate media allies to make it look like the target is over there (media stares at Trump), when in reality the intended target is entirely something else.