New leader Nuttall is positioning UKIP to attack Labour "heartlands."

Later this month (the 23rd), a Parliamentary By-Election will be held in the English town of Stoke. This is a working-class-dominated town that has traditionally voted for the Labour Party, but the BNP also used to do quite well there in council elections. The previous MP Tristram Hunt resigned because of deep disagreements with the party's leadership.

Labour is an ex-worker's party that was taken over by middle-class Cultural Marxists with toilet training trauma, stroppy minorities, and cat ladies. Because of this it has been in disarray for several years and is slowly imploding. Its traditional base of White working class voters is increasingly alienated by Labour's Cultural Marxist emphasis on gender and ethnic minority politics. For this reason there is a real chance that the UKIP candidate, the Party's new leader, Paul Nuttall, could sneak in and win.

Labour are clearly deeply worried, because reports have now emerged of a plot to keep UKIP out by persuading the other parties involved in the election to step down or fight only token campaigns. This would have the effect of making the election into UKIP vs. everybody else, the kind of undemocratic tactic sometimes used in so-called "multi-party democracies" to keep out nationalist parties. 

The leftist Guardian newspaper reported on the plot:
"A senior figure in the Labour leader’s office has asked a go-between what it would take to persuade the Lib Dems and Greens to dial down their campaigns, or even withdraw candidates, in the by-election later this month."
So far the Lib Dems are pretending that they won't countenance such a move:
"The Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, has made clear he has no intention of forming a 'progressive alliance' with Corbyn, who has infuriated some pro-remain voters by whipping his party to back the government’s article 50 bill. Farron told the Guardian recently he believed Corbyn was 'electorally toxic' and 'on the wrong side of the argument from a progressive point of view on the biggest issue of the day.' Local Lib Dem leaflets attack Labour, and Corbyn’s leadership."
Both Labour and the Lib Dems are without principles, and they realize the danger UKIP could pose to both of them if they make a breakthrough in Stoke, so there is some basis for them uniting to stop Nuttall. 

But, added to this, there is also the deep rivalry between the two parties for the "moral signalling shitlib" vote. If UKIP win, it could lead to a collapse of the Labour Party, something that might well benefit the Lib Dems, a party with a long history of appealing to the discraded dregs of British society.

A poll conducted by quizzing more than 4,000 constituents. put UKIP on 39%, against the incumbent Labour Party's 33%, with the Lib Dems trailing on 10%, behind the Tories on 11%. 

In the light of this, the Lib Dems may be tempted to play a a spoiler role against Labour in the hope that destabilizing the Labour Party more will create more opportunities for them to become the main Left-wing retard party in the country. The blatantly "red" Greens may also not wish to miss this opportunity.
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