Reports are emerging that Lady Gaga intends to unleash a heavily politicized performance at today's Superbowl between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots at Houston's 71,795-capacity NRG Stadium. Gaga is providing the half-time entertainment. 

According to an unnamed source, Gaga will use her show to discuss "a sickness inside us," meaning what she sees as the "polarizing rhetoric that has brought Donald Trump to power," and will declare her "overwhelming support for the Muslim community."

This is heavily ironic because in the past Gaga has been attacked by Muslims on various occasions, for wearing Islamic costume and for trying to perform her sexually charged show in Muslim countries. In 2012 she was forced to cancel shows in Indonesia after threats of violence from Muslims upset about the depraved content of her show.

Despite this, it seems that she is happy to take the normal, anti-American shitlib line that is followed by most celebrities in search of a low-cost morality. Rather than defending American liberties and supporting Donald Trump, she prefers to sell out to the enemies of Western freedom.

She will underline her strident, anti-American message by employing hundreds of drones. These unmanned aerial weapons have become a symbol of America's previous, disastrous Neo-Con foreign policy, which Donald Trump's election is now bringing to an end.

Previously, elephant-thighed singer Beyonce caused controversy with a Superbowl performance that endorsed racist, anti-White, terrorist groups the Black Panthers and BlackLivesMatter.
Useful for keeping umbrellas in.
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