Islam's attack on Europe and art, culture and civilization in general continues apace, as a machete-wielding terrorist stormed into the Louvre this morning, screaming the now familiar cry "Allahu Akbar." What this has to do with Star Wars' famous rebel admiral is anyone's guess.

The Egyptian was shot, but not fatally by soldiers before the Muslim could do any serious harm, although one of the soldiers was injured. The terrorist, who has not been named, flew in from Dubai on a tourist visa, and Donald Trump would do well to consider adding other countries to his list of those affected by the travel ban he has imposed on seven Muslim countries.

Francois Hollande showed his usual spinelessness by stating that the "threat of terrorism is here to stay", demonstrating his lack of testicles, initiative, determination and love for his countrymen. The one positive that can come from this is a surge in the polls for Marine le Pen.
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