When I saw the above video of a demented woman shrieking and screaming about being a "disgusted Professor" and how Alt-Lite dildo-enthusiast Gavin McInnes was literally Hitler, I just knew that Alt-Right "internet researchers" would soon dig up some interesting tit-bits about this obviously deranged person, and I was not disappointed.

It turns out that the good Professor, who is clearly Jewish and wearing "problem glasses," is Rebecca Goyette (Yes, GOYette, LOL) a wannabe artist who specialises in degenerate drawings, sculptures, and installations.

Really, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is never more true than when we uncover the kind of scum who believe in shutting down the path of free speech by which the Alt-Right will advance to power. So, feast your eyes at the unrecognized genius of Mz Goyette (and don't forget to bring a sick bag):

NOTE: You must be OVER 18 to scroll down past this point.

Goyette sporting her now famous "problem glasses," a sure sign of a deranged brain. 

She likes drawing scatological scenes with an anti-Puritan theme.   

Not sure what's going on here, but plenty of tongues, assholes, and Puritans. 

A crudely modelled Puritan gang rape. Yes, it seems Goyette has really got it in for the Founding Fathers. 

A still from one of her videos, in which she desecrates graves just by being there.

Puritans hanging from trees, giant cocks, fake tits, dildos....yawn, this is literally starting to get boring now.

OK, one more....Here she is sticking pins into a voodoo dildo doll. Honestly, why did they have to make psychoanalysis so expensive? This poor woman clearly needs all the help she can get.

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