A Hollywood actor, who is is mainly famous for his supposed predilection for having live gerbils shoved up his jacksie to get weird sexual kicks, has used his towering moral authority to criticise President Trump's immigration policy and accused Trump of being a leader who “stimulates fear.” 

No doubt gerbils also experience considerable fear when they are forced to stimulate the perverted bung holes of Hollywood perverts until choking to death. 

Addressing a bunch of fellow Hollywood degenerates at some trivial event to launch another crappy film that nobody needs to see, the 67-year-old actor whose career peaked in the 1980s said:
"The most horrible thing Trump has done is conflate the terms refugee and terrorist. It means the same thing in the U.S. now. A refugee used to be someone who you had empathy for, who you wanted to help and give refuge to. Now we’re afraid of them. We have to really understand what he and this conservative movement has done and not forget we’re all in this together. We can’t escape each other’s realities. We have to embrace each other and love each other.”
Vaguely remembered for playing the client of a prostitute in his most famous screen role, the actor may know all about embracing and loving -- if the rumours are true -- having reputedly "embraced" many a poor rodent in his twitching rear passage during his perverted sexual practices, while "loving" every moment of it. 

More recent rumours that he now has a family of illegal immigrants parked up his rusty bullet hole have yet to be confirmed.
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