"Mmmm, I love your cologne" -- Macron kissing a former colleague.

The French Presidential election keeps getting more and more interesting. The consensus is that Marine Le Pen will win the first round, but lose the second and final round as the voters of the eliminated candidates rally to whomever finishes second. 

Until a couple of weeks ago that appeared to be Francois Fillon, the conservative Les Republicans candidate, but following a financial scandal, he has faded in the polls, allowing ex-Socialist and soft leftist Emmanuel Macron to emerge as the candidate most likely to face Le Pen in the final round. 

Macron worked as an investment banker for the Rothschild firm and then served briefly (2014-15) as a finance minister in President Hollande's government, before breaking with the Socialists and positioning himself as a fake "outsider" candidate with 'mysterious' backers.

But now it appears that the 39-year-old Macron too has his scandal, with recurring allegations that he is conducting a gay love affair with Mathieu Gallet, aged 40, the boss of Radio France.

There is definitely something not "quite right" about Macron, as he is married to his former school teacher, a lady 24 years older than him, and lives with her and her three children by a previous marriage (yes, literally a cuck!). They have been married for ten years. 

Macron with his wife/ ex-teacher.
While some may see this as a "love conquers all" narrative, relationships between younger men and much older women are incredibly rare and so it hints at a deeply aberrant sexuality, lending credibility to the rumors that he is in fact a homosexual or bisexual. 

The allegations also appear to be fueled by his mysterious backers, with Russian state news agency Sputnik quoting French MP Nicolas Dhuicq, of the conservative Les Republicans Party, saying: "Concerning his private life, it is becoming known... He is supported by a rich, gay lobby."

While most people nowadays have little problem with male-to-male anal buggery as a sexual practice, a much more significant issue is the tremendous networking power that gay men accrue, a factor that can have a disproportionate and unhealthy effect on any political system.
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