With the French election campaign now under way, the contest to become the next President of France is hotting up...Literally. 

Paris is now in flames, with five suburbs reporting riots and mass outbreaks of arson as police struggle to cope.

One way to see this outbreak is as just another case of "the usual suspects" shitting where they eat, pointlessly destroying their own neighbourhoods, and showing everyone yet again why multiculturalism will also be a disaster. 

But, given the timing, it makes more sense to see this as an outbreak of support for Front National candidate Marine Le Pen and her positions on halting immigration and restoring law and order.

Don't worry, it's only a Renault.
Although pretty mild by Alt-Right standards, Le Pen is the hardest anti-immigrant candidate running and the strongest on law and order. This outbreak of anarchy in the run-up to the election in two months can only help her. 

The areas affected are Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Aulnay, Argenteuil, Bobigny and Tremblay-en-France, all areas that have effectively become Third World slums. These have all been turned into no-go areas, with masked thugs running rampant and shouting "Allah Akbar." They have attacked police with molotov cocktails and the heavy metal balls used in the French game of Petanque. Police have been forced to fire live rounds of bullets in return.

Unfortunately this appears to be a Mercedes Benz.

Rioters claimed that they were rioting after French police "raped" an African man, but this hardly explains why they then attacked a group of South Korean tourists on a coach who were robbed before the gang tried to set the coach on fire. 

A spokesman for Seoul’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: 
“These South Korean tourists had taken a bus after a visit to the Eiffel Tower and were on their way to Saint-Denis, the location of their hotel. Individuals suddenly boarded the coach and snatched the tourists’ Eurostar tickets, which were being kept by the tour guide, whose passport was also taken.”
The Korean embassy advised tourists to avoid several parts of Paris: 
"In the surrounding area of ​​Saint Denis it is known that there are many accidents such as robbery, car-pinching, etc. at night. As a result, people visiting and staying in France should refrain from visiting the area around Saint-Denis."
Thanks to last year's terrorist attacks -- also linked to multiculturalism -- tourist numbers in the french capital have already been dropping. 

Of all the candidates, Le Pen seems the best equipped to turn things around, but France is in such a mess now that more radical measures will probably be necessary. Already, half the French army is reported to be deployed on French streets to guard against terror attacks.
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