Britain is the kind of country where Muslim rape gangs can groom and rape 1400 girls in a single town over years and the local police put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign. But wear a T-shirt with a cheeky slogan and you can expect the Police to descend on you like a ton of bricks, leading to a heavy fine or worse.

This is what happened to 44-year-old Peter Hunt from Ashington in the north of England for wearing the T-shirt shown above, with the slogan "Rapefugees Not Welcome." 

Hunt pleaded guilty to a "racially aggravated" section 5 public order offence after wearing the T-shirt last July, and had to pay a fine of £250. Refugees, by the way, are not a "race" so it is difficult to see how this kind of charge would stand up except in the kind of kangaroo courts that the UK is now famous for.

Some might argue that the T-shirt is "hateful," and they would be right, but it is hateful towards rapists. To ban a T-shirt like this is therefore an implicit acceptance of rape as a good thing. 

Behind these supposedly "faceless" acts of tyranny there is always a face, in this case a hatchet-faced red-haired Orwellian hag by the name on Detective chief inspector Deborah Alderson, who works for the ludicrously named "Safeguarding Department" at Northumbria Police.
"The important thing to highlight about this case is that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated either by the community here or by Northumbria Police," she told the media. "Being you is not a crime but targeting you is. Targeting refugees in this manner is a hate crime which is never acceptable and offenders will be pursued and prosecuted."
Let's get this straight. The T-Shirt "targets" rapists, but Alderson says "Being you is not a crime but targeting you is." So, what she's saying here is "Being a rapist" is not a crime but "targetting rapists" is. Wow, that sounds like Rotherham all over again.
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