Pewdiepie is the "President of YouTube"

Number one YouTube superstar Pewdiepie has come out in support of Donald Trump over the President's repeated comments that the old mainstream media routinely distorts and invents facts, and takes nearly everything out of context.

In a video on his YouTube channel, which has over 53 million subscribers, Pewdiepie denounced the lying media:
"If there's anything I've learned about the media from being a public figure is how they blatantly misrepresent people for their own personal gain -- even viciously attack people just to further themselves."
Pewdiepie's attack on the fake media was prompted by a hit piece published by the Wall Street Journal which tried to label him an "Anti-Semite." 

"Anti-Semitism" is, of course, an irrational characterization of all criticism of Jews as de facto "evil," which is clearly insane as Jews are just as capable as acting as a group to harm the interests of others as any other group, if not more so. 

But Pewdiepie is not even "Jew aware," so any charges that he is anti-Semitic are absurd and based on a prank that actually revealed how "Jew blind" he is.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story is the fact that this low-grade attack on Pewdiepie was launched by the formerly much respected Wall Street Journal

As usual this tells us more about the attacker than the attacked. The Journal is going through an awkward transition phase under the present Editor Englishman Gerard Baker. With falling newsprint sales, the paper is trying to concentrate on cost-cutting and on-line growth. In 2015, the Journal began a new round of large-scale layoffs of reporters and staff. In the past the paper has also artificially inflated its sales and readership stats. 

This strategy brings the paper into conflict with the new online media that is, in some respects, represented by the likes of Pewdiepie, whose one-man-show has a "circulation" the over-staffed WSJ can only dream of.

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