Nowadays there are Nazis and Hitlers everywhere. Support Trump? You must be a Nazi, so you have to be literally thumped. 

But thumping people is what Nazis do, so if you do that you must be a Nazi too. In fact, even if you oppose Trump but don't condemn violence, then that also kinda makes you a Nazi...or Hitler...or both. 

You can't escape it, so you may as well just embrace it. Grow the mustache, shine the boots, get the swastika and then go out and beat up Trump supporters or be one - either way you're a Nazi.

Next on the "may as well join 'em" Nazi bandwagon is social media platform Reddit, which literally "went Hitler" today by banning the Alt-Right Subreddit, the political movement's largest online forum. 

Yeh, I know, that particular subreddit was a bunch of "Nazis" who oppose mass immigration and genocide (of Whites, so it doesn't count). But where does that get you? Shutting it down is even more Nazi, so basically Subreddit is attempting to oppose people it thinks are "Nazis" by becoming an even bigger Nazi. 

And what if they aren't literally Nazis??? Well, then Reddit, you fucked up, and only succeeded in ramping up the amount of Nazism and bad blood in the world by becoming part of it. 

The way to stop being Nazi is to stop doing all the things that Nazis would do. But, wait a minute, that could get confusing, because one of the things the Nazis did quite well - and certainly a lot better than America - was multiracialism. 

Nazis, including one with a turban. WTF?

Dammit, it's almost like they are "morally signalling" like a Liberal having a token Black friend.

Koreans. Why wouldn't there be?
This Black fellow is having a great time in the Nazi Wehrmacht. Guess he must be literally Hitler too, LOL.

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