When you want to punch your wife but are too cuck.
During last year's Presidential election campaign, the once great actor Robert De Niro covered himself in shame when he expressed a wish to punch Donald Trump in the face. Fans of the actor were baffled and genuinely concerned by this mentally unstable outbreak. Now, however, there seems to be a real reason for De Niro's unhinged behaviour -- genuine fears that his wife is destroying his fortune with her failing coffee company.

The New York Post reported a recent argument between De Niro and his Black wife, Grace Hightower, in which the actor allegedly said, “I wouldn’t have to keep making shitty movies if you didn’t spend all my money!”

It seems this is a long-running problem. The company Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda was set up five years ago as a "vanity project" for his wife, and is designed to guilt trip well-healed liberal Whites into buying its wares. But it is so badly managed by Hightower that it has become a money pit, sucking up De Niro's considerable wealth and forcing the aging actor to pawn off the last shreds of his tattered reputation by making increasingly crappy movies.

Obviously De Niro is such a beta-cuck that he has been unable to directly criticize his wife until now. This is probably what forced him to lash out in other directions, such as his impotent threats made to Trump, who with his wrestling experience would tie De Niro in knots. 

We should all extend our pity to De Niro as he struggles with the emotional load of being such a giant cuck to his wife. One can only imagine the horror and the pain of a man forced to appear in dreck like “Dirty Grandpa,” “Grudge Match” and “The Intern” all because he is such a big, wet pussy in front of his high-T wife.
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  1. He drilled the oil
    He pays with his toil.

  2. Most of the Italo-American men here in Boston want Irish women, but the Italos in NYC are often mudsharks.

  3. Well, she(??) has the shoulders and jaw of a boxer. I didn't realize DeNiro was a gay mudshark. He and Milo should hang out.