The Democratic Party wanted to send out a clear message from the Democratic National Committee chairman election. That message is: if you're White and straight basically f**k off. Of the three main candidates in the election to choose what is effectively the Party's leader, one was Black, one Hispanic, and one was gay. 

The gay one, Mayor Peter Buttieg (!) of South Bend, Indiana, bowed out early, having succeeded in raising his profile. Some analysts believe he is now aiming higher than DNC Chairman, hoping to be named Presidential candidate at some point in the future (although his name may be a problem).

This left the Black one and the Hispanic one. The vote was close. The Black one, who is also a Muslim one, Keith Ellison had the support of the "Bernie Bros," the same losers who backed Bernie Sanders in last year's fixed primary election. But as a Muslim he also made a lot of the Jews and gays in the party feel uncomfortable, although they worked hard to hide this. 

Finally the Hispanic one, Tom Perez, came out the other end of the Democratic political sausage machine. 

His first act was to appoint the Black one as his Deputy. 

So, a couple of non-Whites, arranged in an order that makes gays and Jews feel less uncomfortable, now run the Democratic Party. 

The only remarkable thing about this election is how far down the "progressive stack" feminists and women in general have fallen. But that's simply because the elevated position of women in Western organisations and society in general has always depended on the ascendancy of White men. In the Democratic Party those days are gone, unless of course you're gay.

No wonder Trump was rubbing his hands in Twitterspace.

America has clearly passed the ethnopolitical Rubicon.

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