For much of the Presidential election Hillary looked like a sure thing, and the same could be said about the latest Superbowl, where the Atlanta Falcons built up an impressive 28-3 lead only to fall behind at the last moment 34-28 after an unprecedented fight back by the New England Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady, a good friend of President Trump. 

The Wall Street Journal, a prominent l├╝genpresse rag, even echoed the dire predictions that had been made about Trump's chances of defeating Hillary when it tweeted "The Falcons now have a 91.6% chance of winning Superbowl 51," prompting Trump's son Donald Jr. to tweet, "Where have I seen stats like this before???"

As on that earlier occasion the plucky underdog fought back to score an astounding win, and one which President Trump correctly predicted. 

As with Hillary's defeat, some Falcon fans refused to accept the humiliating defeat, and have even started a hashtag on Twitter implying that the result of the game is somehow "illegitimate" #NotMySuperBowl. 

Another plus was that Lady Gaga avoided doing a politically-charged show attacking Trump and instead did a conventional medley of her cheesy hits with a bit of American patriotism thrown in. 

Before the show there had been rumours that she was about to alienate millions of her fans by doing a performance highly critical of Trump's Muslim ban and embracing Camp of the Saints style mass migration from Muslim countries to the West. 

Perhaps all the gay people who make up her creative team have had second thoughts about turning America into a Third World Muslim hellhole where "creative types" like themselves are regularly thrown off rooftops.

Lady Gaga wisely decided not to cuck for Islam.
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