Really, Richard Spencer should get his own superhero costume by now, complete with cape and winged boots, because our enemies don't know where he will strike next. 

One day he's out on the streets of Washington breaking antifa fist with his iron jaw, another day he pops up on the Young Turks, using Euclidean geometry to prove that Cenk Uygur is "literally a cockroach" responsible for the Armenian genocide (Erm, I think that was Alex Jones -- Ed.). 

The guy is literally everywhere!!!

The latest escapade of the "SuperSpence" (SS for short) was to crash a fake Libertarian conferenceThe International Students for Liberty Conferenceand expose them as a bunch of leftist SJWs who can't platform with people who have different ideas. 

Libertarians, in case anyone doesn't know, are essentially fedora-wearing advocates of weed smoking, child prostitution, and open borders who like to LARP as defenders of the Constitution and "muh freedoms."  

Spencer decided to uncover their lies so, using his mysterious superpowers, he invited himself to their conference in order to trigger them into losing their shit like a bunch of blue-haired SJW Milo haters with full tampons.

Holding court at the bar of the the Marriott Wardman hotel in Woodley Park, Washington DC, Spencer hosted a conversation with genuine libertarians about the popular subject of White nationalism and waited for his main target of the day fake libertaran Jeffrey Tucker to roll by.

Tucker is regarded by libertarians as an "important thinker"—mainly because he likes bitcoit and wears a bow tie. When he saw Spencer looking right through his hollow facade with his X-Ray vision, Tucker lost it and went into screech mode screaming that Spencer "did not belong" at the conference, putting his fingers in his ears and going "na-nana-na-nah!" 

After making his point Spencer left to allow other patrons in the bar to enjoy their drinks without the sound of imploding libertarians. But the questions remain: where will he strike next and will he be wearing a cape and costume?

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