One of nine accused of gang rape.
What makes helping refugees so worthwhile is the enormous gratitude they feel -- as well as the smiles on their little faces -- especially if they are Muslims, and especially if they are brought to advanced Western countries. 

Third World Muslim refugees + advanced Western countries, we know that is a winning combination. Plucked from the jaws of death and then given a standard of living (on welfare) well above the average in the shit holes they hail from, they feel humbled by our generosity and look for the first chance to repay it. 

Or do they?

A trial is now underway in Austria that is showing the extent of Muslim refugee gratitude for their host populations. Between May and December 2015, nine male members of the same Iraqi family entered Austria via the Balkan route, and were immediately taken care of by the generous Austrian welfare system. 

However, on December 31st, New Year's Eve, it appears that four members of the family went into central Vienna, where they had little difficulty finding a drunk 28-year-old Austrian woman, whom they took back to an apartment some of them were using. Here, five more members of the family lay in wait. 

According to the charges, the nine men, all-related, with ages ranging from 22 to 45, took turns raping and sodomizing the unfortunate woman, who pleaded with them to stop. She was then taken to a tram station and dumped there in tears. The gang was only caught because of a tracking app on her mobile phone led police to the scene of the rape.

What is most remarkable about this case is not that male Muslim "refugees" would rape and sodomize a drunk and defenceless Western woman. We all know that the likelihood of that is rather high because of significant cultural differences between the West, where women move around freely and Islamic societies where they are typically cloistered away. 

No, the fact that these nine men reacted to "Western freedom" in this unfortunate way is not surprising; instead what stands out in this story is how this family is "sticking together" in times of adversity, even to the point of sharing "sloppy seconds" with each other. It is a really close-knit family where each member can stick his dick into the same woman that his brothers, cousins, fathers, or uncles has just been fucking. 

Being imprisoned for gang rape could be something of a setback for the family -- even with Austria's incredibly lenient legal system -- but with such a strong sense of family unity and a willingness to share valuable resources, like welfare and drunk Austrian women, this looks like one migrant family that is sure to survive and prosper in its new home. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their hosts, especially those with wives and daughters that they don't keep under lock and key.  
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