He pulled the strings to get the war started.

Tony Blair, the man responsible for lying his way into a pointless war that destabilized the entire Middle East, and who also flooded the UK with millions of non-White immigrants in an attempt to destroy it, has decided that the British people must be missing him by now and has decided to make a comeback.

With his old party withering away under the leadership of left-wing lunatic Jeremy Corbyn and support for a speedy Brexit growing, he has decided that the smart political move is to stand up as a champion of Bremain, the campaign to stay in the EU, and to start vigorously flogging that particular dead horse.

Not only that, but he has decided to bolster his popularity by calling the UK electorate idiots, saying that "the British people voted without knowledge" in a recent speech about the Brexit decision.

The British people also voted for Tony Blair in 1997 without knowledge that he would lead them into a pointless war that caused millions of deaths and without knowledge that he would open the immigration floodgates. Does that mean they can also reverse those electoral decisions and undo all the work of the Labour government from 1997 to 2010?

If so, that would be a pretty good deal, especially if they could top it off by putting Tony Blair on trail for war crimes and treason. No chance of a "hung jury" there.
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