The Left, with their emotion-driven anti-realism, have completely misunderstood Trump's recent ban on travel from seven Muslim countries. Rather than seeing it for what it is -- an attempt to protect soft targets in the US from ISIS counter-attacks in the coming war to eradicate the evil jihadist organization -- the Left has been interpreting the move as merely hate-filled White bigotry (If only that were true!).

For this reason the Left has been pumped up with its usual rush of self-righteous emotion to the point where it feels emboldened to take a massive dump on the democratic will of the people by using the courts to obstruct Trump. They are justifying this by trotting out the usual inane arguments about "splitting up families," upsetting Muslims "so that they actually become terrorists," NAXALT, etc., etc. 

They don't realise that a war is about to start that will place Americans at home in the front line. Unlike Trump, they lack an understanding of Fourth Generation Warfare and a sense of urgency about this issue. That is why they are preparing to do what they can to drag this issue out by legalistic challenges, little realising the real cost in blood that this will exact.

Trump, by contrast, is fully aware of the dangers of delay, and is keen to get his travel ban in place ASAP. 

Because of this, he is now likely to try to get round the legal impasse the Left has created by issuing a new anti-terrorist travel ban. This was indicated by his most recent comments made aboard Air Force One en route to Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

Although continuing to express confidence in a court decision, Trump also pointedly said, "We also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order." Such an order, which could be issues early next week, would be drafted in such a way as to limit further legalistic challenges from the Left.

'We need speed for reasons of security," Trump added. "So it could very well be that we do that."

This points very clearly to the fact that the travel ban is not some racist whim as the Left falsely suppose, but actually a vital part of Trump's Middle Eastern strategy to defeat and destroy ISIS while minimising US domestic casualties. This means that Leftist obstructionism is not merely an affront to democracy but a traitorous Fifth Column attack on the American people.

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