It is clear that Donald Trump is no ordinary President. He is instead a Man of Destiny, a World Shaker, who advances his invincible might under the irrevocable Mandate of Heaven. He is the One who has come to change the direction of a dying planet and turn the face of humanity once more to the Light. 

Such a being could not come amongst us without omens and portents, and there have been many.  The latest one was found in Southwell Minster church in Nottinghamshire, where a 700-year-old sculpture resembling Donald Trump was spotted by an Asian BBC journalist, called Samira Ahmed, who ironically hates Trump and Brexit (follow her Twitter here @SamiraAhmedUK). 

Since its discovery the sculpture has been drawing crowds of believers keen to gaze upon this portent of hope and change from a past age. 

The message of this wonder is clear: let no man oppose what God Himself has set in motion.
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