Everyone on the Alt-Right knows the meme: "Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?" For the uninitiated this refers to the frequency with which so-called "hate crimes" against Jews and non-Whites, especially acts of vandalism and arson, are actually committed not by White nationalists, who are typically law-abiding people, but by members of the supposed "victim groups" themselves. This is done either to gain sympathy and financial support, strengthen community identity, or to provide fake evidence that some politician is creating a climate of "hate and polarization."

Naturally, there are many on the Left who are keen to use this tactic to attack President Trump. On Saturday night (25th Feb), more than 100 tombstones in the Mount Carmel Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia were vandalized by as-yet-unknown assailants, but hardly likely to be upstanding White nationalists. Now, according to a report at, President Trump is set to address this issue:
President Trump on Tuesday told attorneys general from across the country that the recent rash of attacks and threats against Jewish institutions was “reprehensible” but suggested that it might not only reflect anti-Semitism, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Sometimes, the president said, "the reverse can be true," Shapiro said, recalling the conversation at the White House. "Someone's doing it to make others look bad."
As this is a favourite tactic of some Jews and Leftists, President Trump's apparent intention to shine a light into this shady corner is causing consternation. Shapiro, the source of the story and someone who should know better, pretended to be shocked by Trump's viewpoint. "Myself and many other [attorneys generals] of both parties were a little bit surprised," he said.

Israeli news site Haaretz, re-reporting the piece, was quick to try to smear the idea that Jews might be involved in such behaviour, even though it is a well known fact on the right. The site referred to this as a "conspiracy theory" and attempted to tie it to David Duke, a popular bugbear figure in such stories because of his ancient connection to the KKK:
The suggestion that the wave of attacks are false flags meant to perpetuate the impression that they were being committed by Trump supporters has been a theme on right-wing conspiracy theory websites and is being promoted aggressively by white supremacist David Duke on his Twitter account. Trump supporter and informal adviser Anthony Scaramucci tweeted a similar suggestion on Tuesday."
A White House official said Trump will directly address the threats against Jewish community centres in his speech on Tuesday night (28th Feb), so stay tuned.
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  1. (((They))) should be shocked. They're about to be called out, along with other Black and Muslim hoaxers, and busted on their hoaxes.