Twitter continues to blow hot and cold on freedom of speech, with another Twitter purge of peaceful Alt-Righters, while continuing to tolerate violent antifa.

As reported on the latest podcast, the purge occurred on Saturday night (4th February). Among those purged were Murdoch Murdoch, Charles Lyons (Reactionary Tree), Dr. Andrew Joyce (editor of Radix), and the account. 

Strangely, Richard Spencer, who now has almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, was not among those purged. Spencer claimed to be baffled as to why this was the case:
"I don't know if I've crossed some Rubicon or something... like when you reach a certain threshold of followers and you're verified and so on, you become slightly more untouchable. I don't know."
A few days previously, Reddit also closed down the Alt-Right Subreddit, showing that lobby groups like the ACLU and ADL are orchestrating an under-the-radar push to limit free speech by working with media corporations.

Many of those kicked off Twitter have migrated to Gab, which has a stronger commitment to free speech.  
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