With two UK by-elections coming up in seats formerly controlled by the Labour Party, a new opinion poll confirms the worst for the party, which ruled Britain as recently as 2010. 

Not only is the Party trailing the ruling Conservatives by an unbridgeable gap (Conservatives 40%, Labour 24%), but more importantly Labour's once solid bedrock of working class support has disintegrated, meaning that the Party now has to rely on the volatile, fickle, and unstable support of an awkward coalition of racial minorities and middle class twats. 

In fact, Labour, whose name actually refers to working class voters, is now the THIRD CHOICE for working class voters (Conservatives 39%, UKIP 23%, Labour 20%). This shows that new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall's strategy of targeting voters of the rotting and decomposing Labour Party rather than the Conservatives is paying off. 

The reasons for Labour's decline are many. Not only did it betray the White working class when it was in power by boosting mass immigration, but it also changed the voting system for its own leader to allow "party activists" a bigger say, a move that inevitably pushed the party in a more "looney left" direction, as party activists tend to be purity spiralling Leftist extremists with no social life outside the Party. 

In the past, the parliamentary Labour Party (i.e. elected Members of Parliament, hoping to be reelected) played the dominant role and steered the Party towards more mainstream positions.

Some critics try to lay the blame for Labour's decline at the door of current leader Jeremy Corbyn, but actually Corbyn is a relatively good and likeable leader for Labour. His predecessor was, after all, the charmless and (((very foreign-looking))) Ed Milliband. Corbyn is of course extremely left-wing, but then any Labour leader would have to be, given the Party's leadership voting base. 

With Labour in such a weak position, Prime Minister Theresa May may be tempted to call a general election soon, but actually there should be no rush. Labour's decline will only continue. Also, Corbyn is now established as leader following a recent challenge to his leadership that resulted in yet another leadership vote. 

But even if Labour suddenly ditched Corbyn, they would probably just dredge up an even worse Leftist creature as leader, possibly some shrill woman, a stroppy non-White, or if they were really unlucky Diane Abbot. So, Corbyn is definitely the lesser evil for this dying party at the moment. 

Watch this space for the result of the Stoke by-election on the 23rd of this month. We predict that UKIP candidate Nuttall will win by a landslide, with the slogan, “If you want a jihadi for a neighbour, vote Labour.” This result is sure to be a resounding nail in Labour's coffin.

See, Jeremy's not so bad.
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  1. I like this site its the daily mash from the opposite side of political spectrum. Also you don't have the 1488'ers spamming the comment section. Jolly good work!