Ted Heath (an anagram of "The Death")
Mike Veale, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire and the man investigating allegations of pedophile behaviour by former UK Prime Minister Ted Heath, has said that he is 120% certain that Heath was a pedophile. Since his death 12 years ago, there have been countless allegations against the former British Prime Minister, who was a "confirmed bachelor" and used to own a yacht (not as innocent as it sounds).

Chief Constable Veale has spoken to 30 alleged victims of Heath's sexual abuse and is scheduled to issue a report on Heath's crimes in June, but, based on what he has already heard, he is fully convinced of the ex-PM's guilt according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Heath enjoying a light-hearted moment
with BBC pedophile Jimmy Saville.
Known claims that have not been disproved include Heath's links to a convicted brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling, offering young boys trips on his yacht, and luring a young hitch hiker back to his Mayfair flat, but Chief Constable Veale has clearly heard much much more to make such a clear statement of Heath's guilt.

Heath tried to cover his tracks by claiming he could not drive and so was always accompanied when travelling by a driver and at least one policemen from 1970 until his death, but new evidence has revealed this to be a lie, showing that Heath could drive and was thus able to roam around alone in search of his young victims. In 1975, after being deposed as Conservative Party leader, Heath bought a Rover 2000.

Chief Constable Veale report will also deal with claims that Heath's alleged crimes were reported to police but covered up by the Establishment.

Heath's pedophile scandal is one of many involving high-ranking British politicians. Other top politicians named include Liberal MP Cyril Smith, Jewish Labour Peer Lord Janner, and Jewish Tory minister Leon Brittan. Like Heath they are all conveniently dead and, like Heath who brought the UK into the undemocratic European Union, all Europhiles. 

Heath enjoying a joke with fellow alleged pedophile, Liberal MP Cyril Smith.

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