A 78-year-old lady, standing as a candidate in the Stoke by-election, was arrested by British thought police on Wednesday on the trumped-up charge of "stirring up racial hatred." She was arrested under Section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986. Her phone, computer, address book, and other personal effects were also seized by the British version of the Stassi or Gestapo.

The lady in question, Barbara Fielding, is standing as an extremely low-profile independent candidate in the large field of candidates contesting the election, which UKIP candidate Paul Nuttall is expected to win. Because she is so low profile anything she says is unlikely to influence anyone's emotions in any way.

As for the specific charge of "stirring up racial hatred," that is ludicrous because racial hatred already exists and was created by the very people who created modern multicultural Britain. If that is a crime, then these are the people the police should be investigating. 

Barbara Fielding -- sympathy figure?
Mrs Fielding supports a lot of "oddball" policies, such as abolishing the Magna Carta, making the Queen the head of Government, reinstating workhouses, and outlawing unions, but her main crime in the eyes of Britain's Orwellian goon-squad is to question the benefits of mass immigration by Muslims. On her rather amateurish website she criticizes this using the sort of language that is pretty common among British people: 
"The Electorate have no idea of the dreadful mess we are in with the seeping tide of Islamic warriors.
All Israeli, Syrian, Iranian,Pakistani, Indian nations are part of it.
They smile to your face, bow and scrape to your face, work hard, and are extremely helpful in the workplace.
They learn Everything about White Western Technology, Medicine, Food preparation, and Media propaganda.
They can contaminate it all whenever they choose. Make no mistake about that.
Yes, they blow up a few of their own people in a crowd of Whites, Drive a few lorries into a group of White Westerners, That is to draw your attention away from what they are really up to.
They buy only their own imported foodstuffs, and only certain types of medication, never prepared meals apart from fish and chips or kebabs from their own shops.
Donald Trump knows all of this, as I do, How he will get rid of those in the US is a massive task. But Donald has the same instincts and knowledge as me, so he will work it out, as I have, When I am Prime Minister."
There is simply no reason to arrest Mrs. Fielding unless this is part of some state scheme to control the result of next week's by-election. This is not altogether impossible. A win for UKIP could spark off a collapse of the leftist Labour Party and push Britain to the right and away from its globalist stance of the past. 

Fielding's odd mix of policies seem designed to appeal to a section of UKIP voters, while she also made a surprising large leaflet drop (42,000) before her arrest, Her arrest does not prevent her from standing as she has been released on bail and will face charges after the by-election. Also, arresiing a 78-year-old female candidate is an ideal way to boost the sympathy vote for her. That could take vital votes away from UKIP candidate Paul Nuttall.

“I'm giving information to anybody who wants to read it. I'm not saying people should go out and do something bad to immigrants. I set up my website 18 months ago. I wasn't involved in politics before, but I just felt politicians had made a mess of things."

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  1. This is racism, she was discriminated for being white and muslims do discriminate against non-muslims. A black person or muslim would never have been arrested for saying that white people keep to their own kind and discriminate others.