May the Farce be with you.
George Takei, the gay actor who played the token Oriental guy in the original Star Trek TV series, has had a "hissy fit" on Twitter after posting a poll and then deleting it because the result didn't go as he hoped.

Although his role in Star Trek was unimportant, Takei has managed to remain a minor celebrity well into his retirement, because the Japanese-American actor is seen as a bit of an oddball and benefits from "gay privilege" (i.e. people thinking you're more interesting than you really are, just because you like a saveloy delivered through the back entrance).

Takei is active on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, usually supporting shitlib positions and going on about the fact that he is gay and was once put in an internment camp for Japanese nationals during WWII.

The Twitter poll that Takei posted was in response to Trump's recent comment about mainstream media companies being "the enemies of the American people." 

Takei thought he would show Trump by running a poll on Twitter with the question: "Who do you think does MORE HARM to the American people? The "unfair" News Media or Donald Trump?"

Takei thought his liberal fans would give him an overwhelming victory, but after receiving plenty of retweets, normal people also started to vote, with the result that the pro-Trump side started to pull ahead causing Takei to petulantly delete the poll. 

Typical -- one more liberal who hates democracy as soon as it goes against him. 

The poll when the anti-Trump lead was being rapidly cut.

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