I wonder if he likes pizza?
I hope it is not too significant that James Robart, the Seattle federal judge who recently ruled against President Trump's travel ban, has a long and deep involvement in child welfare. 

He is a former president and trustee of Seattle Children's Home, a former co-chair of the Second Century Society (Boy Scouts of America Foundation), and a former co-chair, trustee, and member of the State Advisory Board of the Children's Home Society of Washington state. 

These are all positions that would have brought him into close contact with vulnerable children.

Even more interesting is that Robart, who is married to struggling artist Mari Jalbing, has served as a foster parent for many years for children, mostly from South East Asia. 

Among his other hobbies are taking annual "fishing trips" to Langara Island, British Columbia. It is not known whether he takes his wife or any of his foster children on these trips to this relatively deserted island.

While many decent people like the Robarts foster children from the Third World and take a keen interest in child welfare, it should also be noted that almost all cases of high profile pedophilia involve similar patterns of behavior. 

For example Dennis Hastert, the 51st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, who was convicted of being a "serial child molester," was also heavily involved in child welfare projects. 

While there is no evidence of any wrong-doing by Robart, who is clearly a pillar of society in every way, the fact that he looks a bit "iffy" and wears a bow tie is definitely a point against him in my book, as is his highly emotionalized decision to interfere with the democratic sovereignty of the United States.

In the wake of the as-yet-unresolved Pizzagate scandal, we have a duty to keep a keen eye on the upstanding morals of our unelected power elites, if, for nothing else, the shining examples they set us. 

Art by Robart's wife.
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  1. Interesting conjectures here, but as far as Langara Island goes, it's likely Robart is not locking Thai kids in decrepit sheds but rather LARPing as Anthony Hopkins in the 'The Edge' while he stays at this place, tailored more for pansy upper middle class libs than gritty billionaires: http://westcoastfishingclub.com/properties/the-clubhouse/