"March 4 Trump" was started as a response to the attack on free speech by antifa at Berkeley, University of California, last month. That time violence by antifa* and the passivity of the campus police, who were ordered to stand down, created a situation that allowed a speech by "Alt-Liter" Milo Yiannopoulos to be shut down on the pretext of "public safety."

To counter this, various patriots, ancaps, and free speech advocates organized "March 4 Trump" events in several cities, including a demonstration at Berkeley to defy the antifa scum.

With the police standing down again and basically giving antifa a green light, violence was sure to happen again. Among other incidents, one elderly man was pepper sprayed by Commie scum. But this time antifa didn't quite have things their own way, as this video shows.

*Antifa, by the way, means "Anti First Amendment"

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