In recent years, speculation has been rife that Bill Clinton has been slipping into the twilight world of extreme old age and senility. Now, following a speech, in which the ex-President made some clearly insane remarks, these rumours have finally been confirmed.

During a speech at the Brookings Institution last Thursday (2nd Mar), Clinton whose Presidency is chiefly remembered for the intern work of Monica Lewinsky, babbled: 
“Finally, I think, somehow or another, we have to find a way to bring simple, personal decency and trust back to our politics.”
While this would have been a perfectly reasonable thing for any sane, morally upright politician to say, but in the mouth of a politician as dishonest and corrupt as Bill Clinton -- or indeed any Clinton -- it is a comment so ludicrous and absurd that the only possible explanation is that the President has gone completely senile.

Out of deep concern for the clearly addled ex-politician's mental health, the audience refrained from roaring with laughter, permitting themselves only a stifled giggle or two until they got home.

Although only 70 years old, Clinton, who is a close friend of convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has clearly aged at a much faster rate than contemporaries like President Trump, who is in fact slightly older. 

Some have said this is due to being married to the most evil woman in the Cosmos, while others speculate that it is because Satan is already sucking the life force out of him in preparation for taking his worthless soul to the fires of Hell for an entirety of damnation.
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  1. This is laugh out loud funny! Thans!

  2. Bill has lied, cheated, done everything he could to enrich his worthless little life and now that he is old and the fires of hell or burning his coattails, he is suddenly changing his attitude. Too late.