Even flesh-eating cannibals think these guys are fake news

With the full backing of the "Clinton News Network," Left-wing "kebab" infiltrator, Reza Aslan tries to present Islam as a nice, cuddly religion. This is despite the fact that hundreds of millions of Muslims support terrorism, jihad, executing gays, and marrying children. It is a matter of historical record that Mohammed, the founder of the religion, married a six-year-old girl.

Now it seems that Aslan has "jumped the shark" on CNN's religious propaganda program "Believer." Not content with telling us how compatible paedophile polygamy and stoning apostates is with Western values, he is now using his program to attack rival religions, like Hinduism, a quaint but largely peaceful religion.

In an episode of "Believer" aired on Sunday night (5th March) the Hillary-supporting Muzzie attempted to depict Hinduism as a religion of cannibalistic lunatics by presenting the views of a tiny extreme sect as typical of the religion in general. This would be like presenting the views of the Manson Family as typical of Christianity or Aum Shinrikyo as typical of Buddhism. 

As part of the programme Aslan participated in the rituals of the Aghori sect, which numbers only around 100 mentally disturbed individuals. As part of these rituals Aslan drank an alcoholic drink from a human skull, ate a piece of human brain himself, and wore human body parts as decoration. He also had an argument with the Aghori guru, who shouted "I will cut your head off if you keep talking so much," in a clear reference to the practices of many Muslims

The guru then ate his own faeces and hurled it at Aslan in what was an even more eloquent comment on the quality of CNN's output.

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