It was predictable that Cosmopolitan magazine would end up as a demented feminist rag. 

Originally set up to help career women with their love life, the magazine was cutting its own throat, as every woman whom it helped get into a relationship with a man no longer needed it. So now it plays the opposite game, i.e. fucking up any chance of its readership getting off with a man and then whining and kvetching about it all.

This tendency can be seen in a recent article "Why Guys Get Turned on When You Orgasm — and Why That's a Bad Thing" by the aptly named Hannah Smothers, whose writing seems to exist to smother the chance of Cosmo readers having healthy sex lives.

The article "informs" women that orgasms are sexist even when women "come" first. 
"It's not enough that men are already having more orgasms than women. To make matters worse, a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research found — aside from deriving pleasure from their own orgasms, obviously — men also derive a specific sort of masculine pleasure from making female partners orgasm."
Yes, apparently enjoying making your wife or girlfriend orgasm is somehow patronizing and demeaning. 

Then smothers really jumps off the deep end.
"The researchers in the study...refer to this...phenomenon as a 'masculinity achievement.' I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I imagine a 'masculinity achievement' looks something like Super Mario punching a coin out of one of those floating boxes in the video game."
The article even includes this GIF:

Another problem for Smothers is the whole concept that men "give" orgasms to women who then "passively" receive them. I guess she hasn't heard of a woman giving head, then. 
"The researchers draw a fairly frightening conclusion from the research findings. When women's orgasms begin to serve as a masculinity achievement for male partners, the orgasms cease to be about women's liberation or sexual pleasure. They just become another opportunity for men to flex, or 'shore up their sense of masculinity."
So there you have it. The message is: Ladies, stop pleasuring your guys or allowing them to pleasure you. Be offended every time they make you come until they dump you. Then buy a copy of Cosmo magazine to hear what terrible bastards they are. 

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