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While Trump's big speech to Congress last weekend contained a lot of good things, there was also much in it that we in the Alt-Right found somewhat disturbing or off-putting. Not least starting the speech by mentioning fake "Black History Month."

The God Emperor also spoke about his "concern" about anti-Semitism, the need to "educate" minorities, and women's "entrepreneurship." He even mentioned Justin Trudeau favorably.

This is the equivalent of nails scraping a blackboard for us in the Alt-Right -- hard to listen to!

Of course, the generous interpretation is that Trump was just trying to put a velvet glove over the iron fist of the Trumpenreich, all the better to unify the cuckservatives and some liberals behind him, so that the foundations of the thousand-year empire could be put in place with less opposition.

We hope that is the case. Nevertheless, the PC count in the speech was rather too high, leading some commentators to suggest that the entire speech wasn't just cooked up between the God Emperor himself and his trusted "Sith Lord" Steve Bannon, but that there was a third, kinder, gentler hand influencing the content, namely that of his daughter Ivanka.

What makes this more worrying is that there are rumours on the internet that Ivanka is besotted with the toxic liberal Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, an actual cuck, who, it is further rumoured, was the child of an actual cuckening

When they met last month, the liberal media crowed about Ivanka "swooning" over Justin.

In a recent podcast, James Forsyth, a writer for British conservative magazine The Spectator, speculated on Ivanka (and therefore Trudeau)'s nefarious influence on Trump's keynote speech:

"I don't think his advisers have got a grip on him, I think his daughter's got a grip on him. If you read through the speech there are a lot of Ivanka Trump's priorities. They are paid parental leave, they are better education, y'know, the Justin Trudeau stuff about female entrepreneurship. You go through this, the speech is a kind of weird hybrid of Steve Bannon 'Let's dismantle the administrative state' and Ivanka Trump's political priorities."
Once more the Alt-Right is called upon to be ever vigilant in defending the sacred work of the God Emperor, especially from those like Ivanka, who are best equipped to get round his formidable defences. 
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