Snubbed by the voters?
The Dutch election results are still coming in and the final tally won't be confirmed for several days, but already exit polls are painting a picture of what happened. 

The anti-Islamic Freedom Party, the only party worth supporting in this election, made some gains, going up from 15 seats to a projected 19 seats. This is a disappointing result as the Freedom Party was riding high in opinion polls one week before the election, and was then projected to get 30 seats.

The main cuckservative party, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is projected to get 31 seats, a loss of 10 seats, but the biggest loser of the night is the Labour Party, traditionally the main Leftist party, which collapsed.

It is projected to get only 9 seats, a loss of 29 seats. Some of this leftist vote appears to have gone to SJW lunatic party the Green Lefts. This is good news as this is the way that the big centre Left traditionally dies in Western European countries. 

Another factor in the death of the big centre left is the defection of at least part of its ethnic vote. Turkish voters deserted it to vote for Denk, a new Turkish Party that picked up 3 seats. Interestingly Denk is a word with different meanings in Dutch ("think") and Turkish ("equality"). 

D66, a centrist liberal party and the Christian Democrats, another cuckservative party aimed at yokels, made modest gains, while the Socialist Party, a harder left grouping, lost a seat. 

The result of the election will probably be another coalition government in the 150-seat parliament, but this time possibly without the Labour Party. A likely coalition that excluded Labour would be:

  • People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (31)
  • Christian Democrats (19)
  • D66 (19)
  • Christian Union Party (6)
  • 50+ (Pensioner Party) (4)

This would give the coalition 79 votes in the 150-seat parliament. 

The recent diplomatic spat between Holland and Turkey seems to have helped Prime Minister Rutte and his cuckservative People's Party for Freedom and Democracy by allowing his to posture as a tough guy racist, while doing absolutely nothing to deal with the colonization problem of Holland. Expect Denk, the Turkish Party to grow in influence in the coming years. 

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