Lydon being "inducted" into the Alt-Right in early 2013 by Colin Liddell.

Johnny Lydon's recent comments on ITV, in which he sided with BREXIT, Farage, and Trump, came as a shock to most people, except those of us in the "Deep Alt-Right," who have known about his populist rightward leaning opinions for some time. 

In their earlier days, under the stylistic and lyrical leadership of Johnny "Rotten" as he was then known, the Sex Pistols flirted with National Socialist imagery and anti-globalist tropes, while in recent years, Lydon has shown a growing interest in traditionalism and butter, a substance which is made from milk, a liquid that is a covert symbol of White nationalism.

His actual conversion to the Alt-Right and its ideology of "radical traditionalism" is believed to have happened as early as 2013, when he met with the then "number two" leader of the Alt-Right, Colin Liddell, in Tokyo, Japan.

We can also reveal that he keeps several Pepe memes on his desktop, with which he does occasional "boomerposts," and is a keen reader of the work of James O'Meara at Counter-Currents.

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