"Number one cucks in Europe" -- Scratch that off the bucket list.
After a recent opinion poll placed the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats in first place, Sweden has now lost its much coveted place as the premier cuck nation of Europe, sinking to number 2. It has been overtaken by Germany, which took advantage of the Swedish slip up to cuck hard in a local state election.

In the latest Swedish YouGov poll of voting intentions, almost a quarter of Swedes said they would back the Swedish Democrat Party (SD). The party opposes immigration and integration, instead preferring a policy of assimilation to Swedish cultural values, combined with generous grants to encourage non-Swedes to return to the Third World shit holes from whence most of them came. 

In the poll the SD are supported by 23.9% of Swedish voters. This places them in front of the chief cuck party, the Social Democrats who have dominated Swedish politics since the 1920s, and are generally credited with turning Sweden into the "cuck superpower" it is today.  

Sweden's sudden swing to the right created a golden opportunity for German cucks to get their nose in front for the first time ever. With typical German efficiency, they seized their chance, using a state election in the German state of Saarland to show just how cucked they were. 

In the election, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), the only party worth supporting and the German equivalent of the Swedish Deomocrats, was held to a mere 5.9% of the vote. The rest of the vote went to a selection of cuck parties, including the night's big winner, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the woman now famous throughout the Third World for opening the migrant floodgates into Europe. 

The CDU got a whopping 40.4% of the vote, up five points from the last election in 2012. This is clearly a ringing endorsement of the cuckish policies of Angela Merkel. 

I guess the voters is Saarland really do want to live in a country where they are an ever-shrinking and marginalized part of the population, and where Islam is on the rise. No doubt, the thought of paying heavier taxes to look after millions of young brown men on welfare so they can ogle German woman, is somehow pleasing to them.

It's been a long, hard slog, Germany. Sweden has been a worthy champion, but at long last you've done it! You have finally surpassed your great rival to become the number one cuck-state in Europe. 

Now that Merkel has achieved her life's ambition, maybe it would be a good time for her to step down.

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