Polish women not yet leading the demographic charge.

One of the bad things about the collapse of Communism is that it led to falling birthrates to well below replacement rate. At first this was a reaction to economic chaos, and the the fact that vast numbers of young Eastern European women were being pushed into the sex trade. 

But even after things improved, birthrates still continued to drop in many parts of Eastern Europe, as their societies became focused on consumerism.

Poland was a good example. Even during the turbulent 1980s, when the Solidarity movement was challenging Communist rule, the birthrate stayed above replacement rate, but in 1989 when Communism was effectively defeated, it dropped beneath the vital level of 2.1 births per woman for the first time. 

It then went on to drop further, even below that of countries like Germany, which is notorious for its low birth rate. In 2014, the Polish birth rate dropped to a pathetic 376,438 births -- 1.29 births per women or 9.77 births per 1000 people per year. 

But now there is some hope that Poland has turned the corner with reports of a baby boom. 

According to the newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, the number of babies being born has been steadily growing since October last year, hitting a seven-year high in January.

Estimates are that up to 400,000 children will be born by the end of 2017. This would be around 1.37 births per women or 10.38 births per 1000 per year. Although still well below replacement level, this is a move in the right direction. 

Sadly, however, this is not because of a change in culture, but due to direct economic stimulus. The government recently introduced a “500+” programme, which gives families with two or more children a state handout of 500 Zlotys ($124, 115 Euros) a month per child. 

It seems that Europeans have to bribe their women to do what comes naturally in much of the rest of the world. 

Poland is currently number 199 in the World rankings of birth rate. The top country is Niger, which has over 46 children per 1000 people annually, or 7.6 children per women.
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  1. Here's an idea to kill three birds with one stone:

    1 child = 25% reduction in income tax liability
    2 children = 50% reduction in income tax liability
    3 children = 75% reduction in income tax liability
    4 children or more = permanent income tax exemption

    First bird: eugenic effect as hard workers are most incentivized to breed whereas welfare parasites are the least.

    Second bird: the income tax becomes a defacto tax on the sterile lifestyle, be it hedonism, nihilism, feminism, homosexualism, transgenderism etc.

    Third bird: Once the majority of the population is tax exempt, democratic dynamics will drive income taxes ever higher until everyone besides the non taxed lowest income earners are forced into a fertility rate of 4.0.

  2. people seem to have no need for encouragement for sex and all manner of perversions, but having children and traditional families seems to need cash incentives. maybe that is the first step before the myth of small families is debunked

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  3. Are you trying to build up your community

  4. The thing about immigrants is they don’t want to live in Poland. They prefer to go to Germany, France or Great Britain.

    True in the sense of immigration. Not true in the sense of being a conservative government. What it is supposed to say is “Poland’s new Jewish government”. Non-white immigrants are starting to show up in Poland

    Poland’s new conservative government will stick to its predecessor’s commitment to take in about 7,000 migrants despite the objections it raised when it was in opposition, Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said.


    Law and Justice” for polish, is filosemitic party. Even their name is taken from “Holy Bible”. I think that most of PiS main members are genetically jews. They love to celebrate Hanukkah and protects jews in every way they could.


    Also Lech Kaczynski KALKSTEIN sponored jewish museum, so I don’t think we can trust them. Probably you don’t know, but our new president Andrzej Duda has wife with jewish ancestry.