Pope Francis unwittingly painted by Francis Bacon.

One of the biggest victories for the forces of darkness in recent years has been the election of the "heretic" liberal leftist Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis. Since being elected Pope in 2013, he has betrayed the teachings of the Holy Mother Church again and again, bringing shame and division to all Catholics. 

But now it seems that even those cardinals who supported his election in 2013, when the previous Pope Benedict XVI stepped down amid rumours, have been having second thoughts and are now siding with conservative cardinals in an attempt to pressure him to throw in the towel.

The story stems from a report by the Vatican expert Antonio Socci, a prominent Italian Catholic journalist, and was recently reported in the Times of London (site paywall, so no link):

"A large part of the cardinals who voted for him is very worried and the curia . . . that organised his election and has accompanied him thus far, without ever disassociating itself from him, is cultivating the idea of a moral suasion to convince him to retire.
   It was the latter faction who now believed that the Pope should resign and who would like to replace him with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, Mr Socci said. He believed that the group numbered around a dozen, but the importance of the members counts more than their number. Four years after Benedict XVI’s renunciation and Bergoglio’s arrival on the scene, the situation of the Catholic church has become explosive, perhaps really on the edge of a schism, which could be even more disastrous than Luther’s [who is today being rehabilitated by the Bergoglio church].
   The cardinals are worried that the church could be shattered as an institution. There are many indirect ways in which the pressure might be exerted."

Other analysts think that Pope Francis will prove difficult to dislodge, although his advanced age -- he is 80 -- and the precedent set by Pope Benedict's resignation may help matters move in the right direction. If not, then it might be time for God to take a hand in the management of his Church.

Whoever takes over from raging liberal Francis will be an improvement. In his time as head of the Church, Francis has:

  • Favoured one-way "decentralization" of the Church, so that more liberal countries can adopt more liberal rules (not the other way round, of course).
  • Minimised the importance of Catholic doctrine on marriage, the Eucharist, and the papacy, in the name of "religious dialogue" with other more liberal Christian denominations.
  • Promoted a tolerant attitude towards adultery and fornication.
  • Resisted the traditional Latin mass and denounced restorationist orders, which have successfully attracted many young people.
  • Accused Christians who zealously observe the Ten Commandments of "cowardliness."
  • Allowed St. Peter's Basilica to be desecrated by an occult light show projected on its facade and to be used as a venue by scantily-clad dancers.
  • Desecrated the Sistine Chapel by renting it out to the Porsche car company for a corporate event and to be used as a pop music venue by The Edge out of U2.
  • Supported worldly and leftist political agendas, such as fake climate change and genocidal mass immigration.
  • Interfered in the US election by attacking Donald Trump
  • Elevated openly heretical bishops and cardinals who do not hold the unchanging faith as handed down through the ages from the Apostles.

Many a heretic was burned at the stake for much less than this. There is no reason why this heretic Pope should be shown any more mercy.
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