A dark-skinned Muslim man in his forties has been shot by police in London, after mowing down and stabbing passers-by today.

The terrorist drove a Hyundai i40 into people on Westminster Bridge, killing at least one woman, before attacking others with the vehicle near the Palace of Westminster. After crashing the car into the building's gates, the Muslim man, identified by some sources as Abu Izzadeen, a well-known Muslim activist, ran over to a police officer and stabbed him with a knife, before the assailant was shot by the officer's colleagues.

There have since been attempts to revive the man, but hopefully, they will prove unsuccessful. At least ten people have been rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

This again shows the folly and corruption of our governments in the West in allowing such people into our homelands. Theresa May was whisked away from the scene in a nice shiny silver Jaguar, parliament having been suspended for the day.

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