The Left is a truly idealistic movement, which is another way of saying Leftists want to live in an imaginary world untroubled by inconvenient facts.

This has been borne out by the decision of Carleton University, a typical leftist mental institution in Ottawa, Canada, which has decided to remove the weighing scales from its university gym in case the empirical data revealed upsets and traumatizes fat Leftist trigglypuff students. 

The decision appears to have followed a low-profile campaign by Leftist students claiming that seeing their true weight was "triggering." 

Working for a university is typically regarded as a cushy sinecure, in other words a safe, easy, well-paid job with great holidays. The one danger is triggering emotionally unstable Leftist students and being hounded out, so typically university administrators roll over like dead kittens on issues like this. 

Bruce Marshall, the manager of the university's wellness programs, was keen to protect his job by kowtowing to the "triggered" students. In an email to the Jewish owned Ottawa Citizen, Marshall said the decision was "in keeping with current fitness and social trends," an absurd statement as EVERY other gym in the world has a weighing machine. 

"Try not to measure your success by just that one number," Marshall's email continues. "Our health and fitness is multi-faceted. The best indicator is how well you feel in your body."

Yes, guys, fitness, like beauty and every other quality, is just a social construct...and then you die from a massive coronary or choke on your 19th donut. 

In online forums, some of the still sane students were less approving, but luckily for Marshall they are not emotionally driven enough to hound him out of his job. 

"Great policy," one wrote sarcastically. "Next up, ban calculators because I’m flunking calculus and seeing them triggers me." Another ironically suggested the centre should also ban mirrors.
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