It seems that London is paying the price for its Acid House binge of the 1990s with an Acid Face epidemic. Since 2011, there have been 1,500 cases of acid being poured in people's faces to horribly disfigure and blind them in the capital.

Back in the 1990s Acid House music was all the rage in trendy London, where the trippy, drug-influenced sound was at the forefront of a new "tolerant" culture, based on the effects of the drug Ecstasy. These effects included euphoria, a groundless sense of general well-being and happiness, increased sociability and empathy, and most importantly heightened tolerance. 

It is no exaggeration to say that the massive effect of Acid House and Ecstasy on Britain's capital in the 1990s prepared the way for Tony Blair's "euphoric" landslide victory of 1997 that opened the floodgates of immigration and pushed multiculturalism to socially dysfunctional levels. 

But this drug-fuelled move to toxic tolerance has had truly horrific effects on the nation's capital, leading to a general breakdown of British values and a brutal society dominated by the law of the jungle or imported tribal "moralities."

The acid attacks are usually related to ethnic gang violence, but many of them are connected to Islamic "honour" culture, where women are punished for going with men outside their family or tribal group or for not going with men in their tribal group.

Last year alone, there were 431 such acid attacks – a rise of 170 cases from the previous year. The most common London Boroughs for acid attacks between 2011 and 2016 were the following:

Newham - 398 (The population is 43% Asian, 20% Black)
Barking & Dagenham - 134 (The population is 16% Asian, 20% Black)
Tower Hamlets - 84 (The population is 41% Asian, 7% Black)
Havering - 81 (The population is 5% Asian, 5% Black)
Redbridge - 64 (The population is 42% Asian, 9% Black)
Hackney - 45 (The population is 11% Asian, 23% Black)
Barnet - 44 (The population is 19% Asian, 8% Black)    
Croydon - 42 (The population is 16% Asian, 20% Black)
Ealing - 40 (The population is 30% Asian, 11% Black)
Hillingdon - 36 (The population is 25% Asian, 7% Black)
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