Geert Wilders taking back the Dutch star.
Following the UK's decision to exit the increasingly restrictive, dysfunctional, and German-dominated European Union, other countries are getting a similar appetite for freedom and managing their own affairs. 

One of the reasons Marine Le Pen is riding high in French polls is because she is the only major candidate willing to leave the EU. A similar phenomenon can be seen in the Netherlands, where the populist Party for Freedom (PVV) led by the Geert Wilders, the "Dutch Trump," backs the Netherland leaving the EU (Nexit). 

A recent opinion poll gave Dutch voters four options on the EU:

  1. Stay in the EU and the single market (cuck position)
  2. Leave the EU and join EFTA - so as to remain in the internal market (soft Nexit)
  3. Leave the EU and arrange free trade agreements (hard Nexit)
  4. Do not know

Only 39% chose staying in the EU as the best option, with 23% preferring soft Nexit and 27% preferring hard Nexit (11% don't know). 

The Dutch go to the polls on March 15. Wilders is unlikely to become Prime Minister because Dutch governments are typically coalitions, but all the other parties have pledged not to work with him and his populist Party for Freedom (PVV). 

If the PVV can become the biggest party, however, this may force its opponents to form a mismatched and dysfunctional coalition from parties that don't belong together. This will probably prove unpopular and allow the PVV to keep gaining strength by backing a popular issue.

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