A special little snowflake looking for work last week.
Special little snowflakes are people who "demand special treatment, conduct themselves with a ludicrous, unfounded sense of entitlement, and generally make the lives of everyone around them that much more miserable." Because a severe detachment from reality is a precondition for this kind of personality, most of them just happen to be Leftists and Liberals, and also suck at most jobs. 

It is definitely not a good idea to hire them if you are an employer and want to stay in business. But how do you quickly ferret them out when you are a busy boss dealing with all sorts of job applicants from various backgrounds?

One businessman has found the solution by devising a "special snowflake" test with a few, simple questions that flag up the troublemakers early on and save him a lot of time and trouble down the road. 

As reported by the Leftist Independent website, which mentions the story with some alarm: 

"A US company has introduced a 'snowflake test' to weed out overly sensitive, liberal candidates who are too easily offended. The test includes questions such as 'What does America mean to you?' and 'When was the last time you cried and why?' Many questions are designed to assess a candidate’s stance on America, police, and guns. Someone who’s not proud to be an American is immediately out of the running, as are people who don’t support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, said Kyle Reyes, who created the test."
Mr Reyes, who runs Silent Partner, a marketing company, claims the tactic has been successful in improving the quality of applicants to his company, and has been contacted by other firms to help them get rid of politically correct whiners seeking to kill profitable service-focused businesses by turning them into their own personal "safe spaces."

Let the snowflake-o-caust commence!

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