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Sergey Davydov, the mayor of Svetogorsk, a town on the Russian border with Finland, has politely asked gays to "tone things down a bit" after he caught the local bakery selling penis-shaped lollipops that could have been used to corrupt children. 

Davydov banned the pornographic confectionery and declared the town a "no go zone" for LGBT activists. But this has been widely misreported in the West by fake news sites like The Daily Mail as a total ban on all gays in the town, which has a population of 15,000. 

There has also been an "astroturf" social media campaign to criticise Davydov, fuelled by "internationally funded" NGOs and Western intelligence agencies. However, Davydov's stance is popular among townspeople and mayors of other nearby towns.  

When two LGBT activists arrived seeking to protest the banning of the pornographic lollipops, Davydov used the special powers he has as mayor to detain and then ban them. Special permits, issued by the mayor's office, are required to enter the town because of its position on the border. 

It is refreshing to see people in the former Soviet Union using rights and freedoms that we lost in the West long ago to protect their communities.

Russia refuses to be dildoized.
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