"We found her. This is the snake who's been spilling the beans."
The Trump White House has been like a leaky boat, with compromising information percolating out on a regular basis, and the administration getting lower and lower in the political water. But now there is new hope that the ship of state can be righted, as the source of the leaks appears to have been found and fired.

Back in February Got News reported that the leaker was former "NeverTrumper" Katie Walsh, who was working as a high ranking aid to the President. Now it seems these suspicions have been confirmed, and Walsh has been sent packing.

Fox Business reporter John Cardillo tweeted the following:

Although he later backtracked on the "escorted" part of his story, Cardillo has confirmed that she was fired.

In recent weeks, Trump's inner circle has been releasing false information in order to trace the leaks. Walsh's dismissal spells trouble for her immediate boss, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who, like Walsh, was never a natural Trump loyalist and who could well be implicated in the leaks.

Sorry to go all manosphere here, but women and keeping secrets exist on two separate planets. Also, what was Trump thinking putting a "Never Trumper" in such a sensitive position? I get it that he was trying to "unite the party," but surely he could have found her a job in the mail room licking envelopes instead, or as a hat check girl.

Clearly in this case Trump should have followed his famous advice to the woman who felt sorry for a snake.

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  1. "Sorry to go all manosphere" ruined an otherwise excellent paragraph. Much life Game you have to learn.

  2. Woohoo got rid of that snake Katie Walsh. She's another one who should be locked up.