Based StickMan, aka "The Alt-Knight," has appeared in open county court to learn the status of the case against him. This follows his totally unfair arrest for self-defense and battling evil Leftist Morlocks who were literally attempting to rape the virgin goddess of Free Speech on the campus of Berkeley.

The good news is that the District Attorney or Berkeley Police Department have decided NOT to charge BSM at this date. The bad news is that he could still be charged at a later date. This will probably depend on (a) whether they think they can get a conviction and (b) the effect that such a conviction would have.

First, it would be hard to get a jury that didn't side with Stickman, especially in the context of hard-left antifa thugs running rampant, destroying property, pepper spraying old people, and sucker punching innocent bystanders. Such a case would also raise the issue of police inactivity, which forced citizens like StickMan to defend themselves.

Secondly, even if they could be sure of a conviction, StickMan has already become a legend, and sending him to jail would only make his legend grow. Even for this minor hearing his fans showed up at the courthouse to voice their support. 

Prosecuting StickMan could unleash a hornet's nest against the establishment. Basically, whatever happens here is win-win for us, although clearly it would best for StickMan to stay out of the slammer.

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