While Sweden is typically seen as a point of arrival for Third World hordes, attracted by its generous welfare and the blonde, blue-eyed good looks of its women, it is also a point of departure, with a higher-than-ever-before number of Swedes choosing to leave the country.

As the country continues its now inevitable plummet to Third World Caliphate status, more and more Swedes are seeing the writing on the wall and making the logical decision to move to less cucked lands, with 55,830 people leaving Sweden in 2015, a new high. 

This is even higher than the peak emigration level in the 19th century, when Swedes left to settle in lands like America and Canada. 

While the number includes some non-Swedes returning to their own countries, it does not include a large number of Swedes who simply leave the country without registering their departure and who "forget" to notify the tax authority. 

It is estimated that more than 660,000 Swedes (7% of the population) now live in another country, with 150,000 in the USA, 90,000 in the UK, 90,000 in Norway, 90,000 in Spain, 30,000 in France, and 20,000 in Thailand.
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